Improved Phone Call UI (CHI 2014)


Mobile phones have evolved from communication devices to multi-purpose computing devices. However, smartphones still use full-screen notifications for incoming calls, which interrupt whatever activity the user was already engaged in. We propose new designs that allow users to postpone calls and also to multiplex by way of a smaller partial-screen notification. We report on a small-scale controlled lab study as well as a large-scale study in-the-wild. Our contribution is an enhanced interaction design for handling incoming calls on smartphones.


Matthias Böhmer, Christian Lander, Sven Gehring, Duncan Brumby, Antonio Krüger: Interrupted by a Phone Call: Exploring Designs for Lowering the Impact of Call Notifications for Smartphone Users. In: Proceedings of CHI ’14, Toronto, ON, Canada.

Android App

We implemented the findings of our research and released an app for Android smartphones. You’ll find it on Google Play.