On this page you can find my scientific publications and projects, mainly resulting from the work of my PhD thesis (2007-2013). Some of the papers listed below are linked directly to pdfs or to a digital library. Please contact me if you want to digg deeper into a specific topic or if you want to collaborate on any of the mentioned pieces of future work. You’ll find more on my Google Scholar profile.





  • Matthias Böhmer, Brent Hecht, Johannes Schöning, Antonio Krüger, Gernot Bauer: Falling Asleep with Angry Birds, Facebook and Kindle – A Large Scale Study on Mobile Application Usage. In: Proceedings of Mobile HCI 2011. Stockholm 2011, Sweden.
  • Matthias Böhmer, Gernot Bauer, Antonio Krüger: Context Tags – Exploiting User-given Contextual Cues for Disambiguation. In: Adjunct Proc. of Mobile HCI 2011. Stockholm 2011, Sweden.
  • Matthias Böhmer, Sven Gehring, Markus Löchtefeld, Morin Ostkamp, Gernot Bauer: The Mighty Un-touchables – Creating Playful Engagement on Media Façades. In: Adjunct Proceedings of MobileHCI’11. Stockholm 2011, Sweden.
  • Ernesto De Luca, Alan Said, Matthias Böhmer, Florian Michahelles: Workshop on context-awareness in retrieval and recommendation. In: Proc. of IUI ’11. Palo Alto 2011, CA, USA.
  • Alexandros Karatzoglou, Linas Baltrunas, Matthias Böhmer: Collaborative Context-aware Preference Learning. In: NIPS 2011 Workshop on Choice Models and Preference Learning. Sierra Nevada 2011, Spain.


  • Matthias Böhmer, Gernot Bauer, Antonio Krüger: Exploring the Design Space of Context-aware Recommender Systems that Suggest Mobile Applications. In: RecSys 2010 – Workshop on Context-Aware Recommender-Systems. Barcelona 2010, Spain.
  • Matthias Böhmer, Gernot Bauer: Exploiting the Icon Arrangement on Mobile Devices as Information Source for Context-awareness. In: Proceedings of MobileHCI ’10. Lissabon 2010, Portugal.
  • Matthias Böhmer, Jörg Müller: Users’ Opinions on Public Displays that Aim to Increase Social Cohesion. In: Proceedings of IE ’10. Kuala Lumpur 2010, Malaysia.
  • Matthias Böhmer, Gernot Bauer, Moritz Prinz: Contextualizing Mobile Applications for Context-aware Recommendation. In: Adjunct Proceedings of PERVASIVE ’10. Helsinki 2010, Finland.


  • Matthias Böhmer, Gernot Bauer: Selling the Aether – A New Billing Schema for Mobile Advertising. In: Proceedings of Informatik 2009 – 2nd Workshop on Pervasive Advertising. Lübeck 2009, Germany.
  • Matthias Böhmer, Gernot Bauer: Improving the Recommendation of Mobile Services by Interpreting the User’s Icon Arrangement. In: Adjunct Proceedings of MobileHCI ’09. Bonn 2009, Germany.
  • Matthias Böhmer, Gernot Bauer: The Case for Context-Collaborative Filtering in Pervasive Services Environments. In: MobileHCI ’09 – Workshop on Context-Aware Mobile Media and Mobile Social Networks. Bonn 2009, Germany.
  • Matthias Böhmer, Gernot Bauer, Wolfgang Wicht: Hiding the Complexity of LBS. In: CHI 2009 – Workshop on Location and the Web. Boston 2009, USA.
  • Böhmer, Matthias: Vorausschauende Kommissionierstrategien – Simulationsbasierte Optimierung bei schwankenden Zugriffszahlen. VDM Verlag, 2009.


  • Matthias Böhmer, Gernot Bauer, Wolfgang Wicht: LBS 2.0 – Enabling User-Driven Provision and Context-aware Utilisation of Location-based Services. In: Proceedings of UBICOMM; Valencia 2008, Spain.
  • Matthias Böhmer, Gernot Bauer, Wolfgang Wicht: User-driven Provision and Profile-/Context-aware Consumption of Mobile Geo Widgets. In: Poster Proceedings of GI Days 2008. Münster 2008, Germany.
  • Matthias Böhmer, Riha, Iwo: Antizipative Kommissionierstrategien für Artikel mit schwankenden Zugriffszahlen. Dortmunder Gespräche. Dortmund 2008, Germany.
  • Matthias Böhmer, Iwo Riha, Manuel Rueda: Schwarmlogistik – was wir von den Ameisen noch lernen können. Prototypen – Bionik und der Blick auf die Natur, Filmbeitrag. Berlin 2008, Germany.