On this page you can find my scientific publications and projects, mainly resulting from the results of my PhD thesis. Some of the papers listed below are linked directly to pdfs or to a digital library. Please contact me if you want to digg deeper into a specific topic or if you want to collaborate on any of the mentioned pieces of future work. You’ll find more on my Google Scholar profile.





  • Matthias Böhmer, Brent Hecht, Johannes Schöning, Antonio Krüger, Gernot Bauer: Falling Asleep with Angry Birds, Facebook and Kindle – A Large Scale Study on Mobile Application Usage. In: Proceedings of Mobile HCI 2011. Stockholm 2011, Sweden.
  • Matthias Böhmer, Gernot Bauer, Antonio Krüger: Context Tags – Exploiting User-given Contextual Cues for Disambiguation. In: Adjunct Proc. of Mobile HCI 2011. Stockholm 2011, Sweden.
  • Matthias Böhmer, Sven Gehring, Markus Löchtefeld, Morin Ostkamp, Gernot Bauer: The Mighty Un-touchables – Creating Playful Engagement on Media Façades. In: Adjunct Proceedings of MobileHCI’11. Stockholm 2011, Sweden.
  • Ernesto De Luca, Alan Said, Matthias Böhmer, Florian Michahelles: Workshop on context-awareness in retrieval and recommendation. In: Proc. of IUI ’11. Palo Alto 2011, CA, USA.
  • Alexandros Karatzoglou, Linas Baltrunas, Matthias Böhmer: Collaborative Context-aware Preference Learning. In: NIPS 2011 Workshop on Choice Models and Preference Learning. Sierra Nevada 2011, Spain.


  • Matthias Böhmer, Gernot Bauer, Antonio Krüger: Exploring the Design Space of Context-aware Recommender Systems that Suggest Mobile Applications. In: RecSys 2010 – Workshop on Context-Aware Recommender-Systems. Barcelona 2010, Spain.
  • Matthias Böhmer, Gernot Bauer: Exploiting the Icon Arrangement on Mobile Devices as Information Source for Context-awareness. In: Proceedings of MobileHCI ’10. Lissabon 2010, Portugal.
  • Matthias Böhmer, Jörg Müller: Users’ Opinions on Public Displays that Aim to Increase Social Cohesion. In: Proceedings of IE ’10. Kuala Lumpur 2010, Malaysia.
  • Matthias Böhmer, Gernot Bauer, Moritz Prinz: Contextualizing Mobile Applications for Context-aware Recommendation. In: Adjunct Proceedings of PERVASIVE ’10. Helsinki 2010, Finland.


  • Matthias Böhmer, Gernot Bauer: Selling the Aether – A New Billing Schema for Mobile Advertising. In: Proceedings of Informatik 2009 – 2nd Workshop on Pervasive Advertising. Lübeck 2009, Germany.
  • Matthias Böhmer, Gernot Bauer: Improving the Recommendation of Mobile Services by Interpreting the User’s Icon Arrangement. In: Adjunct Proceedings of MobileHCI ’09. Bonn 2009, Germany.
  • Matthias Böhmer, Gernot Bauer: The Case for Context-Collaborative Filtering in Pervasive Services Environments. In: MobileHCI ’09 – Workshop on Context-Aware Mobile Media and Mobile Social Networks. Bonn 2009, Germany.
  • Matthias Böhmer, Gernot Bauer, Wolfgang Wicht: Hiding the Complexity of LBS. In: CHI 2009 – Workshop on Location and the Web. Boston 2009, USA.
  • Böhmer, Matthias: Vorausschauende Kommissionierstrategien – Simulationsbasierte Optimierung bei schwankenden Zugriffszahlen. VDM Verlag, 2009.


  • Matthias Böhmer, Gernot Bauer, Wolfgang Wicht: LBS 2.0 – Enabling User-Driven Provision and Context-aware Utilisation of Location-based Services. In: Proceedings of UBICOMM; Valencia 2008, Spain.
  • Matthias Böhmer, Gernot Bauer, Wolfgang Wicht: User-driven Provision and Profile-/Context-aware Consumption of Mobile Geo Widgets. In: Poster Proceedings of GI Days 2008. Münster 2008, Germany.
  • Matthias Böhmer, Riha, Iwo: Antizipative Kommissionierstrategien für Artikel mit schwankenden Zugriffszahlen. Dortmunder Gespräche. Dortmund 2008, Germany.
  • Matthias Böhmer, Iwo Riha, Manuel Rueda: Schwarmlogistik – was wir von den Ameisen noch lernen können. Prototypen – Bionik und der Blick auf die Natur, Filmbeitrag. Berlin 2008, Germany.