Evaluation of App Recommendation



AppFunnel: A Framework for Usage-centric Evaluation of Recommender Systems that Suggest Mobile Applications
Matthias Böhmer, Lyubomir Ganev, Antonio Krüger
In: Proceedings of IUI ’13. Santa Clara 2013, USA (to appear).



Mobile phones have evolved from communication to multi-purpose devices that assist people with applications in various contexts and tasks. The size of the mobile ecosystem is steadily growing and new applications become available every day. This increasing number of applications makes it difficult for end-users to find good applications. Recommender systems suggesting mobile applications are being built to help people to find valuable applications. Since the nature of mobile applications differs from classical items to be recommended (e.g. books, movies, other goods), not only can new approaches for recommendation be developed, but also new paradigms for evaluating performance of recommender systems are advisable. During the lifecycle of mobile applications, different events can be observed that provide insights into users’ engagement with particular applications. This gives rise to new approaches for evaluation of recommender systems. In this paper, we present AppFunnel: a framework that allows for usage-centric evaluation considering different stages of application engagement. We present a case study and discuss capabilities for evaluating recommender engines by applying metrics to the AppFunnel.