Hello, I’m Matthias Böhmer.

I am a professor of computer science at Technische Hochschule Köln, University of Technology, Arts, Sciences. Currently I am building up our new lab for mobile and distributed information technology. Previously I worked for product design at Deutsche Telekom in Bonn. As a technology manager in Telekom Design Gallery I looked into future products for the company and built a platform for experiencing innovative use cases.

At this time, this website mainly provides an overview of the work I have done while I was a PhD student and HCI researcher at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) in Saarbrücken (2011-2013). Before that I worked as a research associate at the Software Engineering Lab of Münster University of Applied Sciences (2007-2010). During summer 2012 I spent some time at Microsoft Research, Redmond, working on making mobile phones less irritating in meetings.

I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science (2005) and a Master of Science in Information Technology (2007) from Münster University of Applied Sciences. In September 2013 I finished my doctoral work with a thesis on “Understanding and Supporting Mobile Application Usage“, I was a PhD student at the Graduate School of Computer Science of Saarland University. My research was motivated by the evolution of mobile phones from mere communication appliances to multi-purpose devices. I have build intelligent mobile systems for assisting smartphone users, with their designs being informed by studies conducted in the large. In particular I was interested in understanding and supporting the usage of apps on smartphones.